Individual solutions for optimizing your safety culture


In general, sustainable changes in enterprises do come from within. Therefore, they have to be supported equally by all employees in order to become successful. We support companies during all phases of changes until reaching this goal.

Companies and their organisations consist of human beings deserving our full appreciation. Therefore, the basis of our work is a trustful cooperation. 

This is particularly the case, when we encourage employees in developing themselves and others further or in taking on their responsibilities. For these reasons, our actions are founded on participation and partnership.   

Company profile

etalon international GmbH is situated in Germany and was founded by Elke Werner-Keppner and Sarah Oveyssi. The work of etalon is mainly based on many years of experience in project management and the governance of cultural changes in enterprises.

etalon works with innovative methods, changing know-how, attitudes and behaviour of employees in multi-national companies in a sustainable and positive manner. With its strong roots in all areas of safety at work, etalon is able to offer a wide range of expertise: starting from environmental protection and health care up to safety, leadership management and coaching.

The etalon consulting team consists of experts having more than 20 years of experience in applied psychology, safety, and communication.


Safety culture and changes

Each company finds itself in a unique situation with regard to the company´s history, the current challenges in safety culture plus the different cultural backgrounds of its employees and managers.
Therefore, each company has to find its own, individual strategy for successfully minimizing risks at work. The main objective is to establish an excellent safety culture! In particular, modern, multi-national enterprises being complex organizations have to manage many great challenges nowadays. Through mergers and acquisitions, for example, they usually have more heterogeneous structures and corporate cultures. These different parts need to become harmonized in their own way and pace.

Our contribution to change management is supporting organisations and leaders in defining their own position and goal, and enabling them to make the correct steps between these two points.

Changes of corporate cultures are long-term processes

Thus, we are committed to accompany our clients in these processes even through longer periods, adapting the concepts and solutions if the general set-up is changing. In addition, if necessary, we also find completely new ways for reaching the overall goal. 

We aim to enable leaders to reflect the chosen path and focus on the main objective, guiding their organisation with fresh motivation towards their goal.

What does etalon mean?

The term etalon in technology describes a resonance amplifier:

Wikipedia:“etalon basically signifies a resonator within a resonator, amplifying waves of a desired mode.”

etalon international is committed to the topics corporate culture changes and leadership in companies. Our understanding of our work implies that we pick up positive vibrations within companies, and focus on strengthening them.

Events, News

etalon participates in international congresses and trade fairs on safety culture on a regular basis. Contact and meet us at one of the following events:

News during the crisis

  • Gerne möchten wir aufgrund unserer Erfahrungen folgende Schwerpunkte setzen:
    - Was ist seit dem letzten Austausch passiert/ hat mir der Austausch geholfen?
    - Wie können wir unsere Erfahrungen nutzen, um in eine „neue“ Normalität zu finden?
    - Wie gehe ich mit einer möglichen ansteigenden „Corona-Müdigkeit“ bei mir und in meinem Team um?

    Wir haben für Sie zielgruppenspezifisch verschiedene Termine zusammengestellt. Selbstverständlich können Sie und/oder ihre Kollegen sich auch für mehrere Termine anmelden. Bei Fragen sind wir gerne per Telefon oder Mail für Sie erreichbar.


    Termine für zielgruppen-spezifische Austausche:
    Fachkräfte für Arbeitssicherheit:
    29.4.2021, 10:00 - 11:30 Uhr

    Anmeldung: [email protected]

    Plattform: Microsoft Teams (die Einwahl per Telefon ist ebenfalls möglich)
    Kosten: kostenfrei

  • Offer:
    Coaching and Consulting for Personal Concerns Support from Psychologists during Corona Crisis
    Coaching and Consulting for personal issues

  • The current situation demands a lot from all of us. Communication is one The key to mastering the “new everyday”. Here you will find thoughts, tips and instructions on how to maintain good communication and dialogue even in these times…
    Corona crisis - everything turn up?

  • The following slides are all ready for use:
    Dialogue in times of corona - a PowerPoint Presentation

  • Bei den Anregungen zum Sicherheitsdialog war uns wichtig, neben den schon
    bekannten Fakten auch einmal positiv und kurzweilig über die Risiken von Corona im Alltag zu reflektieren.
    Sicherheitsdialog Corona - eine PowerPoint Präsentation

The etalon team will not participate in any further events in 2021.


On this page you find downloads of articles on safety culture by etalon experts. This area is updated regularly



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