Individual Solutions for Optimizing your Safety Culture

etalon offers a wide range of services,
helping enterprises to effectively meet
the current challenges of safety:

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Our portfolio addresses the following areas:

Organisational development and safety

  • Analyzing and evaluation of your safety culture
  • Customized concepts for improving your safety culture 
  • Consulting and mediation in change management processes
  • Trainings concerning the different perceptions of responsibility (for groups and individuals)
  • „Train the Trainer“: qualifying trainings for internal multipliers 
  • Analyzing and improving psychological stress factors at work

Leadership towards more safety at work

  • Assessment of individual leadership behaviour 
  • Assessment of leadership culture in your company
  • Concepts for improving leadership structures
  • Motivation, training and coaching for members of the management  

etalon offers a wide range of successfully established tools, which we will adapt to your specific needs


As our long-time experience has shown, all problems arising in companies are as unique as the companies themselves are. We feel a strong responsibility and obligation to make our services for our clients successful and to provide them with a sustainable benefit. For these reasons, we do not offer “standard” solutions, but our focus is on supporting our customers taking into consideration their individual and special situation. One of the main reasons for our success is that we listen carefully to the needs of our clients and analyze their current situation properly.

Thus, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions of whose success we are strongly convinced.

Analyzing safety culture

etalon works with different methods in order to analyze the safety culture of your company. We have various tools in our portfolio, which we adapt to your specific needs

  • Expert analysis of safety culture and psychological strain  
  • etalon self-assessment of safety culture 
  • ILSA - assessment und evaluation of leadership behaviour including analysis of types

If you wish, we will present our methods to you in a personal meeting or we can send you some further information. Please use our contact form.

Practical concepts & strategies

„Culture eats strategy for breakfast!“

Changes of the corporate culture always mean long-term processes, in which all employees have to be actively involved. Only then can they be successful and sustainable. For this reason, it is necessary to act in a well-structured and aligned way. We support your efforts by applying our expert knowledge to your advantage! After a thorough analysis of your situation, we develop a strategy in cooperation with you, implementing the essential measurements.

Innovative trainings for more motivation in safety at work

The change of processes in companies can be stimulated from outside. However, they have to find support from within, if they are to be successful in the long run. etalon offers a great variety of trainings, ensuring that leaders and employees are actively involved in these processes.

In doing so, we apply conventional tools from safety at work, such as instructions and risk assessments. We offer aid for conduct with regard to specific challenges at work, for example recognizing psychological strain. In addition, we train internal multipliers and deliver customized solutions for all topics related to communication.

Naturally, we also offer to develop your tailor-made training design in close cooperation with you.

These are our training modules:

- Safety at work for leaders >
- Increasing the perception of dangers at work >
- Instructions – from monologue to dialogue >
- Risk assessments – a behaviour-oriented and active approach >
- Safety talks >
- Investigation of accidents >
- Behaviour-oriented safety inspections >
- Recognizing psychological stress factors >
- Train-the-Trainer >

Coaching – being successful with “help for self-help”

As important as an external consultant may be at the beginning and during the most significant milestones of the change management process, sustainable changes of corporate cultures can only derive from the inner core of the company.

Considering this, responsible people working in key positions and being able to leave their personal marks are crucial to reaching this goal. However, we also know that changes of behaviour do demand time and continuous practicing. Hence, we are committed to accompany all target groups on their way – even beyond our trainings.

Our coaching approach covers many aspects. The range starts from simply practicing a new work method up to comprehensive systemic management coaching. Please do not hesitate to ask, if you wish to adapt our coaching offerings to your individual requirements.

Events: Profiting from the experiences of others

The best way to learn something new is through practical experience. Obviously, what is more efficient than using synergies by exchanging personal experiences in “best practices”? Thus, etalon invites clients to special events called “exchange of experiences” on a regular basis. We usually select a focus topic, which according to our work experience seems to be of great interest to a wider audience. We organize our events as a mixture of initial presentations, presentations by participants, workshops, and discussions. Please check our announcements of events in our news section.

Coherent communication concepts for change processes

According to our experience, it is easier to achieve great changes in enterprises, when combining them with a well-structured communication and information campaign. Thus, we advise our clients to develop a communication concept driving the company´s corporate strategy effectively.

A concise slogan, a well-placed program name in addition to information leaflets, handouts, posters, intranet sides etc. help to introduce new guidelines. They also increase the degree of identification among the employees.    We will gladly support your planning efforts for a campaign right from the beginning. Ideally, we will develop a concept in close cooperation with your communication department.